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I don’t mind a parasite

Ugarte: But why? Oh, you object to the kind of business I do, huh? But think of all those poor refugees who must rot in this place if I didn’t help them. That’s not so bad. (He takes an envelope from his pocket blue and gold rolex and lays it on the table.) Look, Rick, do you know what this is? Something that even you have never seen. Letters of transit signed by General de Gaulle. Cannot be rescinded, not even questioned. Tonight I’ll be selling these for money than even I have ever dreamed of, then addio Casablanca! You know, Rick, I have many friends here in Casablanca, but somehow, because you despise me, you’re the only one I trust. Will you keep these for me, please?

That line should read: “Letters of transit signed by General Weygand.” Lorre poor diction as he delivers that line has confused countless millions of moviegoers over the years, including me. I wouldn know it was “Weygand” either if I cheap rolexes fake hadn seen a brief story about this on something like Turner Classic Movies. Weygand was, prior to November 1941, stationed in Algiers as the commander-in-chief of Vichy France land and air force forces in Africa. Apparently, France is the only country where they get this right. The French subtitles that accompany prints of Casablanca say “Weygand.”

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